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The 13th edition of the world cup is around the corner.

The 2023 ICC Men’s ODI Cricket World Cup will start on Oct 5, 2023, and will end on Nov 19, 2023. This will be the 13th edition of the world cup and it will be hosted by India.

10 teams will participate in this world cup and this world cup will be the first world cup which will be organized by solely India. The semifinal matches of this World Cup will be played in Mumbai and Kolkata. The first semifinal match will be played at Wankhede Stadium, Mumbai and 2nd semifinal at eden gardens, Kolkata, and the final of the world cup will be played at Narendra modi stadium in Ahmedabad.

The PCB (Pakistan cricket board) threatened that they will not participate in the world cup as India denied to participate in the Asia Cup which will be hosted by Pakistan in September 2023. In case Pakistan does not participate in ODI World Cup 2023 so Scotland will replace Pakistan in the world cup.

There will be 10 teams in the world cup including India, Australia, Newzealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Netherlands, and previous champion England.

Matches will be played at 10 venues including Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Dharamshala, Delhi, Chennai, Lucknow, Pune, Bengaluru, Mumbai, and Kolkata.
Star Sports is the official broadcaster for this entire event. DD Sports will only show team India matches, semifinals, and the final.
Warm-up matches will be played from September 29 to October 3.

This will be the schedule for team India matches.

Oct 8AustraliaChennai
Oct 11AfghanistanDelhi
Oct 15PakistanAhmedabad
Oct 19BangladeshPune
Oct 22New ZealandDharamsala
Oct 29EnglandLucknow
Nov 2QualifierMumbai
Nov 5South AfricaKolkata
Nov 11QualifierBengaluru

The last time when India won World Cup was in 2011 under Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s captaincy after 28 long years. Before 2011 India won the world cup in 1983 under kapil dev’s captaincy
This will be the schedule for the entire event.

October 5England vs New ZealandAhmedabad2:00 PM
October 6Pakistan vs Qualifier 1Hyderabad2:00 PM
October 7Bangladesh vs AfghanistanDharamsala10:30 AM
October 7South Africa vs Qualifier 2Delhi2:00 PM
October 8India vs AustraliaChennai2:00 PM
October 9New Zealand vs Qualifier 1Hyderabad2:00 PM
October 10England vs BangladeshDharamsala2:00 PM
October 11India vs AfghanistanDelhi2:00 PM
October 12Pakistan vs Qualifier 2Hyderabad2:00 PM
October 13Australia vs South AfricaLucknow2:00 PM
October 14England vs AfghanistanDelhi10:30 AM
October 14New Zealand vs BangladeshChennai2:00 PM
October 15India vs PakistanAhmedabad2:00 PM
October 16Australia vs Qualifier 2Lucknow2:00 PM
October 17South Africa vs Qualifier 1Dharamsala2:00 PM
October 18New Zealand vs AfghanistanChennai2:00 PM
October 19India vs BangladeshPune2:00 PM
October 20Australia vs PakistanBengaluru2:00 PM
October 21England vs South AfricaMumbai10:30 AM
October 21Qualifier 1 vs Qualifier 2Lucknow2:00 PM
October 22India vs New ZealandDharamsala2:00 PM
October 23Pakistan vs AfghanistanChennai2:00 PM
October 24South Africa vs BangladeshMumbai2:00 PM
October 25Australia vs Qualifier 1Delhi2:00 PM
October 26England vs Qualifier 2Bengaluru2:00 PM
October 27Pakistan vs South AfricaChennai2:00 PM
October 28Qualifier 1 vs BangladeshKolkata10:30 AM
October 28Australia vs New ZealandDharamsala2:00 PM
October 29India vs EnglandLucknow2:00 PM
October 30Afghanistan vs Qualifier 2Pune2:00 PM
October 31Pakistan vs BangladeshKolkata2:00 PM
November 1New Zealand vs South AfricaPune2:00 PM
November 2India vs Qualifier 2Mumbai2:00 PM
November 3Qualifier 1 vs AfghanistanLucknow2:00 PM
November 4England vs AustraliaAhmedabad10:30 AM
November 4New Zealand vs PakistanBengaluru2:00 PM
November 5India vs South AfricaKolkata2:00 PM
November 6Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2Delhi2:00 PM
November 7Australia vs AfghanistanMumbai2:00 PM
November 8England vs Qualifier 1Pune2:00 PM
November 9New Zealand vs Qualifier 2Bengaluru2:00 PM
November 10South Africa vs AfghanistanAhmedabad2:00 PM
November 11India vs Qualifier 1Bengaluru2:00 PM
November 12England vs PakistanKolkata10:30 AM
November 12Australia vs BangladeshPune2:00 PM
November 15Semi-final 1Mumbai2:00 PM
November 16Semi-final 2Kolkata2:00 PM
November 19 FinalAhmedabad2:00 PM

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