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Want to gain more knowledge about the cricket betting sites?The solution is; here is the way where you can learn about the online betting sites and the one which is suitable for you. Get to know about the cricket betting sites which can fulfill all your needs about the match.

What you will find on this page

You will find our betting sites where you can place bets on the match. We have a list of our cricket betting sites according to the rank we rate them.

After discussing about the sites we will proceed towards what we actually look for in a best cricket betting site.

Then we will provide the links of various cricket betting sites which comes on the top. This list will be provided according to the needs and categories of sites.

At the end of the article there will be frequently asked questions (FAQ) to answer. These are the common questions asked by the customers on different topics. They are related to the difficulties faced by the customers or the curiosity they have in their mind related to the betting.

Tournament Format

The IPL is played in the format of double round-robin. The teams play against each other two times, once home and once apart. The points are received based on the criteria of winning or losing i.e. the winner receives 2 points while the loser gets 0 points.

Once all the matches played, the amount of points determines the leading 4 teams accordingly. The winner plays match against the team which came 4th and the 2nd place and 3rd place finishers play the second playoff game.

In case the match is tie, the Net Run Rate (NRR) will determine the team who has the highest ranking.
Once the first playoff games have been completed, the top ranked team who won its playoff game moves directly to the finals, the lowest ranked team who lost is eliminated and the final two teams will play another game against each other and that determine who will reaches the final game.

Best Online Cricket Betting Sites





















What to look for in a best cricket betting site

If you are looking for a best cricket betting site then firstly let us inform you that there are number of bookmakers to choose when you want to bet on cricket online. Mostly the famous bookmakers offer odds on cricket and you just need to grasp the one you like and place your bet accordingly.

Although it sounds so simple but there is little more rather than just picking the site and placing the bet. Often the things which seem to be simple are not the one.

There are lots of things which you should consider before placing the bet. The question arise will you find the time to do research on different areas of bookmakers?

Well don’t pressurize your mind; we have already sorted it out for you by doing researches. We have already gone through various cricket betting sites and it’s really a time taking process.

For our reviews we have selected these six categories as our main focus points when rating a betting site:


Bonuses and promotions

Odds and betting selection

Banking options

Customer support


We have added all these options together in order to rate (1-5 star) for each and every sites based on the above features.

It’s quite obvious; everyone who is going to search for these cricket betting sites would not have the same preferences but that’s fine. You just go through each and every review provided. Then can decide which bookmaker suits for you. You can find the best site accordingly for you.

How we rate bookmakers

If you want to know the process of rating bookmakers can have a look here. We have provided the process outline below, by reviewing and grading the bookmakers.


Trust is supreme and is needed in every field. When it comes to deposit the money in someone else accounts then we need more security. Trust plays a basic role here while cricket betting as the question arises about the money. How can we know they won’t keep the money we deposited for them? Well that’s our work; we will take care of it very well. We are working for these matches since a long time with full attention so there will not be any issue.

Ranking Trustworthiness

The very first thing we make sure is that the site has a license or not. As we all know today scams are increasing so it becomes a serious concern. If the site is having the license then the chances of fraud will decrease. The serious licenses make it very hard to be a cheater.

When the point comes about the security we never compromise it. If we suspect there can be possibility of scammed on bookmaker, we won’t suggest you to go for it. The beautiful part is we consider our customers as a part of us and don’t want them to get cheated. We all know now a day’s all the information is available on the internet so it’s very hard to keep any secret. Everything is in front of our eyes.

If you will go through our reviews in details, you can see how we have defined each bookmaker accordingly.

We also consider:

  • From how long they are in the profession.
  • Whether any complaint is filed against the company.
  • There partnership whether having co-partnership with serious organizations.
  • 3rd party authorization
  • Whether the process is big or small. For e.g.-They have invested in single or multiple gambling options.
  • The reviews written and the rating they got from others.
  • What people say about them inside the industry?

Mostly the online betting sites know about it. They actually have their own interest in making the true image of their site and represent to be the best.

Bonuses and Promotions

No such things like free dinner exists. Or is it true? Well the fact is the extra money you earn to play with. Mostly people become doubtful when they read about the amazing deals. They can’t judge whether it true or not. But the fact is such exclusive deals really exist. These offers gather people or attract them here. There is possibility of the suspense’s related to the bonus money. It’s quite better for you instead of betting only with your money. You can have the bonuses and can use that money for placing the bet.

But whats in it for the bookie?

Let me tell you, bonuses are one of the main way the betting sites attract the new customers towards them. They would like more and more customers to join their site so will offer various deals and bonuses.

Beside this let me clear that you have to play for a certain amount before you can get the money you earned as part of your winnings.

See; bookmakers pay you with an incentive so that you can try their site. They would give you money in the starting so that you join them, and hope to get profit if you lose. Then it’s all up to you how you prove them wrong and make more money.

You might be thinking then what to look for? Just be calm and I would suggest you to pay more attention on the terms and conditions provided by the sites. This is the things which we often skip but you should go through them carefully. There can be huge differences from one promotion to other or the way you can claim them.

Ranking Bonuses

Basically we all need how to calculate, math is everyone’ subject in school life. We can read the terms and conditions with full attention. You can also identify the offers which are good or bad and can judge the true deals.

After making your first deposit, you might wish to see the promotions which are available on the betting sites for you.

Some sites consider the customers as a part of them and are good for their loyal customers while the others are just opposite.

Odds and Betting Selection

Mostly the betting sites try to cover all the bigger matches and the cricket leagues. If you are having a look on the small leagues and matches also then. Well we will suggest you the sites which cover small matches and cricket leagues along with the know events and matches.

Ranking betting selection

We don’t consider recommending the betting sites which do not cover the leagues as follows:

  • IPL
  • BBL
  • PSL
  • BPL
  • Cricket World Cup

Now the question arises as to how many betting options they provide for each match? This becomes one of the biggest differences. The smaller sites where betting is done at smaller lever would only have the win or lose bets. On the other side when you will have a look at the bigger sites, you will find there are 100 types of bets which you can place for the bigger matches.

This becomes the matter of their taste as for the number of matches they will offer live bets on.

People at large scale love to place the bets while they are watching the match open. They would like to know spirit changes.

Finally, we do not focus too much importance on odds because most of the betting sites evaluate in such a way that there is a small value left. (You should be more careful if you are planning to place 100 or 1000 of bets)

This point is quite easy as we just acknowledge the matches they are offering with the number of bets. We check both for the regular odds and the live bets.

Banking options

The options for depositing fund play a very important role in betting. Most of the options for payment are restricted by the local authorities instead of the bookmakers.

Lots of countries put restrictions on the use of cards to gambling sites. They would restrict the transaction done by the card such as the credit card.
While many of the betting sites use distinct e-wallets like Neteller, Skrill for their betting options.
If there are limited options for transacting the amount then it would become a point of struggle for the customers. We would like to recommend you the sites with more banking options. In general, if there are more options available then it’s a positive point and makes it easy for the users.
The last but not the least aspect is to consider the time you can wait willingly before you have placed your bet. The support will be very fast and will try to deposit the funds quickly and will help you out. In many areas, it should not be the cause of too much hassle.

Withdrawals however...

Withdrawals become a major part of the complaint against the bookmakers. The users often are not satisfied while the betting ends and when the withdrawal phase comes.
Phase, when all of your credentials are checked, is withdrawal. The betting sites will allow you to bet without putting any conditions. No verification is done while you place the bet and don’t need to prove yourself. Then the story changes in a dramatic manner when the time comes for withdrawing the funds.
So you should always keep in mind to use your actual identity then the fake one. You should place the bet by your own name and address and be ready to upload the documents when the question arises to prove yourself. If you are placing the bet through your fake identity then you will face at the end and will be unable to withdraw the money back.
For being extra safe, you can get your account verified before you deposit the money and place a bet.

Customer Support

Suppose you are facing the problem while placing a bet then you would like to get connected to the support that is friendly and helpful. Do you meet that helping hand or a silent stone wall?

Ranking customer support


The type of software used also matters a lot to the users as per their personal taste. It also plays a very important role to any sites such as:

  • Choice of color used to design
  • Overall view of the site
  • The amount of information available on each page
  • The way odds are displayed
  • Speed of page loading whether slow or fast

You can try it by yourself as everyone has different tastes of them. We have added the screenshots so you can have a look at them and can get an idea.

Ranking software

Our main focus is on the important things such as the loading speed of the page, the clicks made before selecting the match. Time is precious and when the page loads slowly it’s not only the waste of time but also proofs to be irritating.

We examine whether the layout is mobile friendly or not and the application used is nice. In case the layout is complicated then it becomes quite difficult for the new users to sort out the things.

We have done a lot of researches on these betting sites to know whether it is easy to place the bet or not. This testing is done for both the cases whether placing from desktop or mobile.

Why should we trust your reviews?

It is a very good question and should be asked when visited to the different sites.

Firstly let us open the fact that we get the finder’s fee from the bookmakers, if you will use our links to sign up the site. The fee is same for all the sites here.

We don’t get any financial income to promote one site over the other. Our aim is to offer you guys the fair ways to place a bet on cricket.

We are working in this from a long time and providing our best for the users. Above all, we try to put our full efforts for you to find the best platform for betting. Hence, provide the platform where you feel trusted and have interest to play.

Best Betting Offers

Even though we think that while selecting the betting site we should consider the look of site, odds offered and the trustworthiness, still there is one more factor which we should take care of.

The bookmakers offer great bonuses, exclusive offers or the free bets. You should consider this free bets factor; money you can use to place the bet. It’s mostly done for the new users in order to attract them to their product.

Betting Sites FAQ

The answer to the question is simple but depends on the taste of the users.

Only the one user can know the best site for them to place bet. The reason behind it is each and every person has different keen of interest. There are few who will value the payment offered by the sites in the particular currency (for example in INR), while others will value for the offers provided on the bet. The interest differs from person to person so it can only be judged by the user.

We have made the list according to the factors which we feel like is valuable. Therefore, we have listed the sites which we think would be best for the online betting user. If you are looking as per your interest, then you need to do research on it to find out the one best for you.

It’s very difficult to answer; therefore, we will refer you to our page where we have mentioned all the rules and regulations currently followed in India.

You can have look on our page of India.

To answer it in short; basically there are no such laws which make betting Illegal in India. It depends as on the state level there are few where it is banned and some legalize it. Mostly there are no laws placed for it, so it continues to be as a grey activity.

We will suggest you to check your local rules and regulations before you engage yourself in such activities of placing bet. You should examine whether it is legal or not in your area.

A bookmaker (or bookie) is a person who accepts and pays off bets on various events, specially sporting events. The work of bookmaker is to tell us the odds; based on these odds you can apply the bet. Sometimes the odes can change based on the betting volume on several outcomes.

If you want to have more knowledge about the bookmakers their work, making money and more then you can have a look at the guide on odds page. We have explained there about the odd and bookmakers.

If you want to read more about bookmakers, how they work, how they make money, check out our guide on odds where we explain how odds work, but in relation to bookmakers.

Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the biggest T20 tournament played all over the world. All the betting sites which offers bet on cricket will be having the odds on IPL as it has become one of the major interests of people. No need to worry at all while picking your preferred bookmaker.

We have made a separate page for IPL where we have provided the deep knowledge about it. You can have a look on this page if you are looking to place a bet on IPL. You can also check the previous match’s data. We are updating it continuously and will consider things like IPL promotion, odds and rate of cricket.

Dream11 is a gaming platform for multiple sports. It is an online game where user creates the team and play, get points based on the performance. Here the user should have good knowledge of cricket.

There is not even a single site in the list we provided like Dream11. The similarity is that you can bet for money in both of them. In Dream11 there is completion between other players using 11 man lines up while in other betting sites you can place large varieties of bet.

What is Dream11?

In Dream11 you will take part in a game where you have a team of 11 players, you cannot line up with the best ones only. Here you have to think carefully who will perform best during the match.

Such games are called as fantasy cricket, where are authorized to set a team which you think will perform. It is different from other betting sites where you just bet on the match and wait for the outcome.

A free bet is a bet for which you need to pay, bookmakers offers to pay. It is an opportunity to place a bet without any risk. You will get paid out if you win without spending any money. There are two variations.

  1. You can place your bet and in case you lose then your money will be refunded. (up to certain amounts)
  2. You can place a bet for which the bookmaker will pay. If you win the bet you will keep the winning amount, but initially wager is “repaid” if you lose.

These all offers have become common on betting sites now days. They provide free bets both as welcome offer and for the purpose of promoting the site.

Whenever the sportsbook pays winnings as bonuses, they want you to stay for few time and try their site. The play through requirements will be displayed with a number and multiple ’x’ but limits are placed on how you can bet.

Example: 6 x bonus. Suppose you get amount of Rs100 in sign up bonus. Then you have to place a bet for Rs600 before you can withdraw.

Example: 10x B + D = 10 x bonus + deposit. If you deposit Rs100 and get a Rs50 bonus you have to wager 10 x (Rs100 + Rs50) = Rs1500 before withdrawing.

No one is all concepts clear while facing the problem we would like to contact the support in number of ways provided. We will then judge the time taken to response and the accuracy with which they solved our issue.

We will judge how easy it is to get the conversation started with the support provided. Every site has own option to connect with the users. Few sites have live chat option so it doesn’t matter the place where you are and becomes quite easy for you. While other sites have only the email options with the time limit for responding back.

We try to figure out what experience the users have with the different sites. So, we see the reviews given by the users on forums and twitter. Based on the response we have rated the sites.

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