srilanka vs bangladesh one day world cup match 2023


Srilanka has a much better team man-to-man and you can expect this to decide the outcome of the match in the end.

The batting performance of the top-order batters from Sri lanka will influence the outcome of this game.
 although Bangladesh is also looking for win this match as they are almost out of the world cup.

Some Match Insights About Sri lanka Vs Bangladesh Team Match

MatchSri lanka Vs Bangladesh
TournamentWorld Cup 2023, Match, 38th Match
DateNov 6, 02:00 PM LOCAL
VenueArun Jaitley Stadium, Delhi

In the big city of Delhi, people wear face masks not just because of COVID but also because the air is not very clean. Imagine it’s like a superhero shield against the bad air.

Now, there’s a cool game happening in Delhi, a cricket match, and it’s a big deal. But guess what? The air is being a bit naughty, and it’s making it tricky for the players to play. Even the schools had to take a break because of the not-so-nice air.

But don’t worry! Some really smart people, like Dr. Guleria, are working hard to make the air better for the game. They’re using water sprinklers and special machines to help out. It’s like they’re superheroes too!

The teams, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, are practicing, but they’re being extra careful because of the tricky air. Back in 2017, the players had to wear masks because the air was not their friend.

Now, they’re getting ready for a big match, and it’s like a battle between two teams. Imagine it’s superheroes versus villains, but with cricket bats.


The game is at a place called Arun Jaitley Stadium, and it’s going to start at 2:00 PM.
But here’s the twist – the air is like a tricky character in the game. So, everyone is watching to see if the players can still play safely.

The teams are making plans, like using a special player called Chameera to help, and they’re hoping to score lots of points in world cup 2023.
It’s a bit like chess, where they have to think ahead and make the right moves.

So, it’s not just a cricket game, it’s also like an adventure with the air playing a sneaky part.
We hope the air behaves so everyone can have a fun time.
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